Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm back!!!

After a busy several of weeks, I am back! I have so many blog posts that I composed in my head while scurrying around, and they will come, but for now it is merely a "Menu Plan Monday" post, you know, just to ease back into things. So, here it is....

  • Sunday--Red lentil soup, barley flat bread, roasted asparagus, beet salad
  • Monday--Chili, polenta, roasted cauliflower
  • Tuesday--Red beans and rice, coleslaw
  • Wednesday--Split pea soup, potato dumplings, salad with roasted squash, fresh bread
  • Thursday--Gumbo, squash-corn muffins, sauteed greens
  • Friday--Pizza and leftovers
  • Saturday--Pasta with mushrooms and leftover greens
There have been complaints of not enough dessert. Although, those complaints come from the family sweet tooth so I am not sure how seriously to take them. We usually have a dessert on Friday night along with our movie night. Miss Tooth, says *all* of her friends have dessert *everyday* so wouldn't I PLEASE consider just one more day for dessert. How often do real people have dessert?

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  1. I am going to have to put those wet burritos on the menu plan soon, they sound so yummy :) We don't have dessert every day per say, but we usually have a pie or some cookies around so if someone wants dessert or a treat they can have it.

  2. We tend to make/bake something once a week. The dessert may end up being eaten over a couple days in small servings. My considered opinion on sweets/sugar is less is better. I know that when I'm eating sugar daily, I'm craving it constantly, thinking about my next fix. I find it horribly addictive. I should do more with alternative sweeteners in our treats, but with the food allergies, we're usually already tweaking a recipe. Sugar (we use organic) is just so easy. We do use honey and maple syrup, too. Occasionally we have agave around. I think you're doing your "sweet tooth" a favor by limiting desserts. I notice my kids looking for a treat if I'm not paying attention and have started a meal late or forgot to give a snack. The more on track they stay, the less frequently I get those requests. We do have sundaes for lunch on one random summer day, though. My m-i-l keeps her calories low (won't waste them on juice, e.g.) so she can eat dessert *every* night. Not everyone has her restraint, though. I know I don't!

  3. We have 'dessert' almost every night. I usually use things like apples with almond butter or cut up bananas with blueberries as our 'dessert' no added sugar nothing with flour...I'm not sure my family knows the difference they just like something sweet at the end of our meal.

  4. I know what you mean, Alison. With our allergies, too, sugar is not the enemy. But, like you, I prefer to use it judiciously. I did make some chocolate chip banana bread and we had frozen blueberries with rice milk on top. Thanks for the comments. They are reassuring. I struggle with not wanting my kids to feel anymore deprived than they sometimes do, but I am not going to start feeding them a load of treats and compromise my standard of eating either.