Monday, May 3, 2010

This weeks fare

We didn't get to everything last week. The pea soup and beans and rice lasted longer than I anticipated. The soup was great and very possibly the best pot of it I have ever made, everyone loved it but still, when I served it for "brunch" on Saturday, there were groans.

  • Sunday: Shrimp, broccoli and carrot stir-fry, rice, banana bread
  • Monday: Mexican beans, Mexican rice, corn tortillas, coleslaw
  • Tuesday: Gumbo, sauteed greens, fresh bread
  • Wednesday: Taco salads, potato dumplings
  • Thursday: Hot and Sour soup, sushi, sauteed broccoli
  • Friday: Foccacia, salad with tuna and potatoes, sorbet
  • Saturday: Pork souvlaki, barley bread, hummus, beet salad, pumpkin pie
On another note, I figured out how to grocery shop without a plan. Once again, many people probably already know this. I have a well stocked pantry--beans, flours, grains, canned goods and dried fruits. My freezer is well stocked, as well, with meats and fruits. It is the perishables that get me when I don't have a plan. What I used to do was over shop. I would put any produce item I could ever possibly want in my cart, that way, my options were endless. That resulted in a lot of waste. For most of the month of April, I just couldn't wrap my mind around a weekly menu, but this time I used another tactic. I, mostly, stuck with the basics that don't go bad in a few days, or even weeks (carrots, beets, celery, chard and kale, potatoes, apples and oranges,) with a few exceptions that were in season or I knew we would eat in the first few days (rhubarb, asparagus, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower.) I get yogurt and a hard cheese or some feta--something that isn't delicate, and I called it good! It was a nice change of pace without a lot of waste or feeling like there was a lot of food to be dealt with before it went bad.

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  1. So, you shop for what looks good first, then make a menu when you get home?

    Do you do much trying of new dishes, or do you mainly stick to the stuff you know and love? My problem maybe is I like to try new things and usually don't have one of the ingredients... like lemons or something. So that would mean a return trip to the store for me. But going back for one thing isn't bad... ???