Monday, February 22, 2010

Eating from the Pantry and Freezer

A few special menu planning challenges this week: On Monday, we are bringing dinner to a family with a new baby. My BIL Chris is coming for a visit starting Thursday, and we will be celebrating his birthday on Friday evening. If we go crabbing this weekend, we're hoping fresh Dungeness will replace what's on the plan!

I'm still in "using up what's in food storage" mode, because that's the way we roll in February, March, and April (if you still haven't seen Sharon's post about this, check it out.  I think I've linked to it three times). I really want the chest freezer to be close to empty by late spring so I can put what's left in the little freezer and defrost that bad boy to get it ready for filling up again in the summer! This week, I'm trying to use up apple pie filling, delicata squash, some straggly red cabbage and kale from the garden, home-canned pear sauce, canned cherries, frozen bell peppers, and corn meal.

Monday: Bean and bacon soup (made a big batch Saturday), corn muffins, and apple pie!

Tuesday: No-knead artisan bread, hummus, marinated feta and olives, roasted delicata squash

Wednesday: Bibimbap, sesame spinach, rice - I hope to post the recipes for this one later in the week, because I would say this meal is my number one crowd-pleaser, and it's easy, nutritious, and endlessly adaptable.

Thursday: Pork chops, pear sauce, mashed potatoes, German red cabbage, roasted delicata squash

Friday: Salmon patties, oven fries, coleslaw, white chocolate white forest birthday cake (I hope to post this recipe later in the week, too!), chocolate ice cream

Saturday: Crock pot chili, corn muffins

Sunday: BBQ ribs, baked beans (I make 'em like this, except I use cooked dry beans), coleslaw, corn muffins

Have a fantastic week!

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  1. Sounds delicious as usual! I like it that you linked to the recipes.

  2. I will keep my eyes peeled for the crowd pleaser recipe...
    How do you make your delicata squash?

  3. Hey! Visiting from Menu Plan Monday!
    Your menu sounds great! I need to make some corn muffins too!
    God bless!

  4. Bernadette -

    I just prepare it really simply, because Sean and I are the only ones who will eat it, anyway. I cut it in half lengthwise, scrape out the seeds, brush the cut side with a teeny bit of olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and put cut side up in a baking dish. I add just a little water to the bottom of the dish so the squash doesn't stick, cover with foil, and then roast. Temperature is flexible - usually I do around 350 for around 30 minutes, but if I'm roasting something else at a different temp, I just throw it in alongside and adjust the time.

    Those suckers last a long time, don't they? They're the only thing I still have left from the summer CSA. And they're still fresh as a daisy.

  5. Hannah -

    Welcome! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for following! Glad you like the menu.