Saturday, February 13, 2010

Itchy Fingers

 I have been itching to post about so many things, but I have been down with a nasty virus this week.  I never did make a meal plan, my strategy this week was to get people fed with as little energy expended as possible.

So here's what we did eat:

Monday:  Leftover beans, leftover rice, leftover salsa, and hard-boiled eggs

Tuesday:  Taco soup with pasta, avocado, corn muffins

Wednesday:  Salmon patties, oven fries, roasted broccoli, homemade tartar sauce

Thursday:  Donburi

Friday:  Steak, Colombian salt potatoes, guacamole

Saturday:  Homemade bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon

Sunday:  Valentine's Day breakfast - coffee, gingerbread pancakes, pear sauce, sausage
Potluck party with friends - pasta salad, fruit salad, lemon bars

For this coming week, I intend to post the meal plan on Monday.

Oh, and there's an awesome post on Sharon Astyk's blog about eating locally in February (and March, and April) and how these are the months where you end up "finishing up" the stuff that's not necessarily your favorite.  For instance, next week, I think we will be finishing the pickled beets I made last summer.  Also the pear sauce that no one has touched.  And next summer I will focus my canning efforts on stuff that we really like (and the kids really like); the old standbys like strawberry jam, spaghetti sauce, and applesauce.


  1. Those bagels look fantastic!! What an inspiring post by sharon you linked. I especially love it where she said "...good cooks transform everyones second choices into firsts." It makes this time of year seem noble and austere. I am back on it! (Although, I just bought 5 mangoes for $5 bucks. I couldn't take the mealy apples anymore and they were organic and perfectly ripe. The kids were so happy they each ate a whole one.)

  2. We bought bananas yesterday! We have a tradition of bananas Foster on Fat Tuesday. I think they're going to taste awesome! I can't remember the last time we ate bananas. I think it's OK to indulge in stuff like that sometimes, and when it's rare, it becomes even more of a treat.